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It is not easy to develop a custom theme or template for Joomla. And more difficult than that, is integrating a custom design into Joomla website. But we can do both.

There are many Joomla themes and templates available in the market. Some of them are freely available while some carry premium rates. And most of them have a generic look and feel. But if you are looking for themes and templates custom designed for you then Radix is the place for you.

We can design themes and templates that are very specific to your business and target market. We also make sure that our designs fall in line with your business branding. Our designs are also a combination of concept, typography, colors, features, and functionality. In addition to designing, we also integrate custom themes and templates to a Joomla website.

We also undertake website development in Joomla. We can develop all critical business related functionalities using Joomla CMS itself. We develop Joomla websites that are user friendly and easy to manage. We have developed Joomla websites with shopping carts, news portals, e-magazines, B2B features, blogs, online forums, and more. We can develop B2B and B2C websites in Joomla.

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