Mobile Screen Design

A mobile is more than just a handheld device. It’s your new business medium with tremendous potential. Get websites and applications specially designed for mobile screens and tap into this new medium.

iPhones and Android phones are the new channels of business. People are enjoying the luxury of accessing internet on these devices. This opens up a whole another dimension for websites.

Designing a website or application for mobile devices is an art. Unlike desktop PCs, mobile phones have a very limited screen size. At Radix, we develop mobile screen designs that display all the important information within this limited screen size. We create designs that look consistent in different browsers across various mobile screens. We get the content and the design to fall in sync with each other so that one doesn’t overshadow the other.

The other important aspect we focus on is navigation. We develop designs that take into account touchscreen feature of mobiles. So we maintain a very simple navigation pattern with ample space for all the buttons. We develop designs with color schemes suitable for mobile screens, minimum scroll, less typing, and easy to use navigation.

Now explore mobile phones as a channel to expand your business. Get websites and applications designed for mobile screens from us.

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