This is what our clients have got to say about our work

To excellence work delivered by the team. They perfectly met the requirements. The team has excellent project management and delivery skills — Sodeco Trading, UAE

I initially hired another company to build a new website and wasn’t happy with the results. When I mentioned this to a former client he immediately recommended Radix. The work was top notch and every change I requested was handled quickly and professionally. I was able to send detailed lists of changes I wanted to make on each page and they completed the work, on average, within 24 hours. Their team is very easy to work with by email! I found the level of courtesy within the written communications to exceed my expectations. I found everyone at Radix to be exceedingly polite and more formal in their language than many US clients, which was refreshing and delightful. I’m extremely pleased with the final product and very proud to send clients to my new website by Radix! I would simply say Radix is a great company to work with and has great, skilled team members working on your project! I would highly recommend Radix for anyone wanting to build a quality-looking website. I would definitely use them again on another project. — Kim Ruiz, Expressly Written, LLC

We have been very impressed and grateful for the services of Radix Web. As an online, e-commerce retailer, a robust website is very essential for us. The team and developers at Radix have worked with us as partners and helped us grow the functionality of our website. We appreciate their responsiveness. Even with the long-distance communication, it has been easy to work with Radix. I highly recommend Radix and will continue to work with them in the future. — Michael

Radixweb was very helpful in providing pragmatic and quick answer to my queries. Communication was very clear and the team was very responsive to any kind of question. I recommend definitely and have already proposed another project i am building with their help. Very good and quick design. Happy with the result. — Karim Sebbah and Hicham Belhadef

I was very pleased with the work of the team of Radix. The collaboration was extremely professional. Radix understood very quickly what I want. The team put himself in my project and delivered exactly what I wanted. The web meetings were speedy and professional. The distance between Switzerland and India did not matter. After the website was finished, an external company, specializing in search engine ranking SEO, analyzed retrospectively the site. From 13 points, the website received 12 full points. An absolute excellent result. — Patrik,

The team at Radix Web is fantastic and very kind. Everyone from the graphic design team, business development team, and technology team. It has been a pleasure to work with them. They are highly responsive and very professional. I highly recommend them. — Ari

I am writing to strongly recommend Radix as dependable, experts and outsource development team. Radix came highly recommended by several colleagues who have worked with them for over a decade with great success. We were impressed with the knowledge and attention to detail they provided every step of the process. They exceeded our expectations and our clients! Radix’s combination of skill, experience and intuition is exactly what we had been looking for in a vendor and service provider. We now insist that Radix perform all of our out sourcing needs. We truly would not trust our business and clients to anyone else. Lenhart Studios Inc., feels confident in recommend Radix and their team to anyone seeking a competent, trustworthy outsource service. — Charles Carpenter, Vice President of Creative Lenhart Studios Inc.

Whenever we ask Radixweb to do a job for us, they respond immediately. Without exception! They deliver quality design, and we wouldn’t dream about using another company. We’re very satisfied with your work and your response time. That is most important for us. — Øyvind Kvamme Vik

I enjoyed working with the company very much. They delivered prompt replies and services, whenever I needed. — Dr. Shaurin Patel

Working with Radixweb has always been a delightful experience. The designers, developers and project managers have made many web projects a true success. The Radixweb team has made it easy to communicate and manage projects effectively. The knowledge, experience and the level of skill at Radixweb has allowed for fast project turnaround time. As a result this has led to high customer satisfaction.We will continue working with such a dedicated team to accomplish unique and challenging software projects going forward. — Jesse Reginell

"Thanks for your work on the eCAT logo. We can confirm that we’re happy with the work you’ve done and give the go ahead to furnish the logo in high definition." — Colm (Ireland)

"Before working with Radixweb I had certain issues with the offshoring concept. I thought it was going to be difficult for an offshore company to understand my market segment and meet my demands. But Radixweb changed all that. They did extensive research on my areas of operation and completely surprised me. The rest of the project then was just a breeze!" — Maria Kelly (UK)

"When I came to Radixweb for creating an application, I never expected perfection. In fact, I was happy when I had issues on some of the things with the development team. But this reinforced the idea that they were thinking people and did not follow anything blindly. Just like I understand my business the best, they understand what they do the best." — Brian King (UK)

"I must say my relationship with Radixweb has been quite a journey. I came to them with a small requirement of getting business cards printed. But before I knew it, I was already trusting them with developing a whole new website for my business. My business has grown in recognition over the years and Radix has been fairly responsible for it." — Smith Lucas (USA)

"Wow, what a team! They not only listen to you before you hand them the project, they also listen to you during it and after its completion. I wish I had the same experience every time I did business. I am definitely looking forward to a long standing relationship with Radix." — Stavin Porter (USA)

"Working with Radixweb has been impressive. The team has been there with us right from the beginning to the end. They have delivered the work efficiently and on time without compromising on quality. Over the years that we have known Radix they have always been professional and have never slacked off." — Victor Smith (UK)

"It has been a pleasant experience working with Radixweb. They surpassed all our expectations with regards to developing our website. The eagerness of the team to first understand our requirements and then deliver on them has been a real value addition." — John Mathews (USA)

"Working with Radixweb is all too easy, from my initial conversation through to the final delivery, the quality is exceptional and consistent. I find myself coming back to Radix more often to implement my projects. The relationship has grown to a level that I can now consider them part of my team. Their level of understanding and attention to detail is what I have come to expect and receive on a regular basis." — Tony (Ireland)

"Working with Radixweb has been one of the most positive professional experiences I’ve had in my 10 years as a property developer. They made me feel like my project was their most important. Radixweb went above and beyond to make sure I was happy with every minute detail of my website. I can’t begin to recommend them highly enough." — Kosta

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