Vectors are scalable, flexible, and great for color separation – requirements that images cannot fulfill. That is why they are so popular in screen printing. Get vectors designed from us at competitive rates.


Vectors are images represented through points, lines, polygons, and curves. So if vectors are basically images, why have them in the first place? Because vectors have scalability! You can scale a vector to any extent without compromising the resolution. Secondly, vectors offer flexibility in editing the color, width, angle, etc. And thirdly, vectors are also good for color separation at the time of screen printing.

Vector Designing

With Radix, we can create vector designs of logo and images for personal as well as professional use. We can design vector graphic with large or small scales as per client requirements.


Vector images can be scaled to any extent without compromising its resolution. Our vector design experts can provide high quality vector for low resolution and hand drawn sketches of logo, image, or picture.

Our Experience

With the decade long industry experience, our graphic designers can offer a wide range of vector graphics. One can hire graphic designers from Radix to create EPS clipart graphics, ornamental design, vector web icons graphics and pictograms, flash ready vector graphics, screen print, illustrations, stock art, vector clipart, and so on.

Technical Expertise

For the vector art creation, we are using Adobe Illustrators, Adobe Photoshop, CorelDraw, Dreamweaver, and many other software programs. We provide vector designs in various formats such as EPS, AI, PDF, CorelDraw, etc.

On-time Delivery

We promises for on-time completion and delivery of the project. Within one working day, our experts can design a simple, typical or standard graphic for you. In the case of complex designing, we will inform you required designing time in advance.

Affordable Costing

Client has to pay only for vector designing without any hidden or extra cost. Thus, we provide attractive and effective vector design at highly affordable rates.

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