Your E-commerce Must Haves in 2018

Golden rule of e-commerce website design: Simplified yet hand-in-hand with elements crafting majestic shopping experience

What really makes online customer go ga-ga about your brand? They want to shop what they truly desire and it should be a quick grab. Minimalistic design adhering to best practices creates a memorable shopping experience. It aids in remarkable growth in the numbers of happy and returning customers. Precisely why e-commerce website design should not be overlooked in this highly competitive e-commerce arena. Impressive website design, itself, is a great kick start to flourish your online business success!

An excellent e-commerce design is skillfully built, as if it speaks right through to the buyers. The target audience has to relate to your brand, in return fulfill customer’s wants and meet company’s goals. Have you come across a website which turned –out to be a complete blunder? Missing-out on the vital elements of your e-commerce web design can be detrimental to your brand reputation. It is essential to ensure that caution parameter has been taken into account as well. To strike a balance between creativity and design elements gets crucial. We truly believe that a soulful design can awaken a great passion for your brand.

Let’s find out, what are those must-haves which shall ensure the conversions?

Key Ingredient for Conversions:

  • Engaging Homepage– To engage your customers’ right from the start, create an enticing homepage design. As expressed a million times ‘First Impression is the last impression’- Yes! It counts. Although, the main role of home-page is not ideally to pitch, generate leads, promote or to convert. However, it guides a customer in their buying journey. It surely plays a compelling role to magnetize your visitor to dive right in. Encourage simplicity for the ease of navigation around. Majority of your visitors will be interacting from a mobile device or tablet, hence a responsive template is a must.
  • Impressive HD Quality Product Images– In e-commerce, product images are believed to be the deal killer. Product picture substitutes to the actual touch and feel factor, while the customer is browsing across the e-store. Investing in professional product photography is always wise. Better the product photographs, higher the conversion. A catalog with clutter-free, crisp and peppy images are created to leave a powerful impact for better CTR and conversions.

Best investment you can make in, is your business. It’s always worth it.

  • Easy Navigation– Simple navigations can be quite a blessing as it gives the customer- a holistic shopping experience. Nobody likes to get lost in supermarket-aisles, similarly neither on an e-store’s navigation. It amplifies better rankings and overall SEO for your e-store. Just like you need sign-boards to reach the right destination, customers look for these signs as a guide too. Improvise through breadcrumb navigations, meaningful labels, and best-suited menu-bars. Ensure appropriate listings and sorting facilitates in categorizing and organizing products as well.
  • Well-Dress Your Cash-cow CTA– In our eon, we have very short attention, even lesser than a goldfish. Therefore Call-To-Action (CTAs) are required essentially to grab your visitor’s attention quickly. It is easier said than done, we understand. Content, color, size, placement and design of your CTA should be enticing. To ascertain the button performs better CTAs are strategically placed. Let us share a little secret “It is advisable: place your CTA above the fold.” It is always a good habit to try out A/B testing, to analyze CTA’s efficiency while trying out different colors, content, sizes, and design.

Every Brand has a story, what’s yours?

Tell Your Story with Harmony– Right from the home-page, product pages, to the check-out pages and design elements should be in absolute co-ordination. The sheer flow crafted with ease of design gifts the look and feel to the entire website design. Great home-page assists you to offer your customers ultimate shopping experience. The uniformity of branding, colors, and elements; maintained in sync across gives a clean and organized look, of-course with rewarding SEO benefits. The synchronization and process automation should not be limited only to the design, but the end-to-end format and content flow should be in concordance as well.

Making Security Priority– Unfortunately, hackers are always on a watch to take advantage of any little vulnerability. Typically, the caution points to look-out for is a SSL certification which provides a high level of authentication to your ecommerce website. Few known vulnerabilities to ecommerce are cross-site scripting, SQL injection which can give attackers access to database and create a black data-manipulation breach. Also, phishing attacks often in form of emails. It is absolutely vital to have a secure ecommerce web design with these procedures in mind.

Too Clustered? Get Clarity With Experts!

Keeping on top in online business is not everybody’s piece of cake, it can be very awe-inspiring. These must-haves shall flatter your web-design to make your e-store a success, especially when you want to flaunt your brand as the king-pin of the online business. Let us join forces and create well-optimized and highly-converting e-commerce web-design.