Top UX/UI Trends to look for in 2018

Today, smart technologies have opened limitless opportunities for users across the globe. Want to board the UX train? We are in that eon, when web design and UX/UI have an impact on our businesses like never before. There is absolutely no doubt that, the past year fetched some significant changes in the realm of UX/UI design, but what kind of trends are we expecting to bring changes in 2018? This year is predicted to be more user-centric with smarter personalization and of course time-saving designs. UX/UI with this technological boom is set to enhance your customer’s transactional journey.

Must-know UX/UI web design trends mentioned below are based on analytical user-behavior data, reviews, and market research:

Smarter Personalization

Astute personalization optimizes traffic and epiphany of the website, but it also augments UI by aiding an impressive and smarter user experience. We are progressing from one-size-fits-all experiences to personalized custom-made experiences, where technology backs the tailored needs of enterprises. With the power of bespoke data and remarkable progress in smart-tech, we are leaning towards designs that are capable of personalized UX based on users. Businesses endeavor to understand their users on a deeper level and analyze new ways to offer more customized brand experience.

Personalization is going to be definitely colossal in 2018.

We highly recommend enterprises, to consider designing attractive and personalized icons which are fascinating enough for the customers or visitors to explore the website further. Evidently, the results are visibly rewarding. Leading e-store brands have gradually adapted professional photography and product photo-editing services to enhance their products. To achieve an edge over the competition, stores and websites, they opt to offer eye-catching and user-friendly interface.

Embracing Supersize Bold Typography

This year- use of striking elements, bold, simple letters to oversized fancy fonts will stand to increase. These are attention-grabbing letters implying visual weight to the content and elements of design at play. This inventive trend satisfies the craving, to capture the digital canvas with an artistic piece along with a minimalistic approach. The simple yet oversized typography web design sends the brand message, through stunning visuals and provides plenty of colors and whitespace play their roles. Colors, icons, eye-pleasing animations, oversized typos and extravaganza of impactful content is the buzzword of the year and here to stay. Of course, this new trend lets the old ones take the back-seat.

This year, we expect to notice many fancy fonts and creative typographism with a flare of an adrenal rush of vibrant colors to boost website user experience. UX/UI play a vital role nowadays, which is exactly why the user-centric approach always has the edge over stylistic variety.

Flamboyant and Vibrant Colors

Colors are designer’s best friends and known as the most powerful tool in his toolkit. It can set the mood, grab attention or even strike the right emotions and perceptions to actions. Electrifying colors and psychedelic images hold great prominence in UI designs today. Those two years old flat designs are fizzling out of the market. Today, nostalgic orange, neon green hot pinks and acid yellows are gaining popularity. Moreover, we will see dabbling two-three tones and gradients overlay with subtle transitions.

The best thing about this trend? There is more room left to explore and evolve. Sparkling colors are equally apt for designs focused on cartoon concept to entertain or amplify minimalist style. The versatility of colors is always in vogue.

“Design-driven enterprises have outperformed extravagantly in the last decade.”

Content-Focused Experience

Website UX/UI are not only limited to visual parts of the design, but also enriching and engaging content. A website with personalized creative design and impressive content strikes the right chord with your target audience. This 2018, will have a note-worthy growing importance of content strategy. A huge part of a brand’s success lies in the well-curated content on all the digital landscape.

Nothing is wrong in creating a marvelous UX interface with multiple features. As long as, top-notch CX is maintained without sacrificing any elements. Distinct visual hierarchy eases the task of content apprehension. Whitespace gives the content room to breathe and enhances UX. A clutter-free website keeps attention focused on the content.

“User-centric design will be the future motivating force behind innovation and business success.”


The fact that the trend of voice-user-interface is growing in jet speed, and is expected to stay here for good. According to the Gartner’s study, 30% of our communication will be based on voice user interfaces (VUIs) by 2018. The very similar screen-less user-experience with amazing gadget solutions is here, including Amazon’s Alexa, Google’s OK Google, Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana. Along-with VUIs, users have stated GUI as well to improve conversational patterns. Of course, along with the voice-activated interfaces, fingerprint-activation interfaces too will play a vital role in the interface designs for 2018. This uber concept has increasingly become popular, especially after Alexa has now found a pretty place in our homes. As the touchscreens have replaced the mouse, the VUIs shall now the regular interfaces. In this case, the VUI is gradually eradicating the need to type or even use your hands at all.

Summing Up

2018 will be surely adventurous! Bold, vibrant and electrifying colors with rebellious supersized typography, splashy engaging content. User-centric designs have always been a priority. However, smart-personalization and design-driven businesses have outclassed their performance. This year is full of bold choices like asymmetric shapes, conceptualization beyond crisp, clean lines and dramatic curves.

Take advantage of this creatively rebellious year and optimize your chances to perform far better with higher ROI to outwit competition. Let your creative juices keep flowing with Radixweb. Let’s connect!