5 Web Design Trends to Follow in 2016

It is rightly said that “Change is the only thing, which is permanent”. It is human mentality who needs a change every time a human can become easily bored if the same things come across repetitively. Today we are in the world where “Change matters a lot”. Same applies to your website as well if you haven’t updated your website for five years or more, now it’s a good time to do so. If you won’t update your website accordingly then you are almost on the verge of losing potential buyers. Risk falling will arise and your business will stay behind in the competition. So don’t be late and get your website update today. To give some idea about current trends here we are sharing…

Top Five Trending Web Design for your New Avatar

1. Almost-Flat Design

There was a trend of flat design before, but now almost-flat or semi-flat designs are trending. The idea behind this was to give a stripped look of all fuzz and frills – combining using bold colors, simple shapes, and simple typography. The well-known example is windows 8, but unfortunately, it didn’t do well.
Hence, for eliminating the problems of flat design while maintaining the quality, designers came up with almost-flat designs.

2. Rich Illustrations

Diversity is key to success in 2016 by incorporating the handmade artwork on your website. If there is a unique hand drawn illustration in your website then it will groove your visitor. This gives a peculiar yet friendly edge to your brand and your competitors can’t be able to do a replica of it easily.

3. Long Scroll

Today a well-known myth is that placing all important elements above the fold. Moreover, everyone is familiar with long scroll because of mobile devices. This following technique is useful for those who want to appeal user through storytelling, and you can still offer a satire multiple websites by offering a scroll in clear sections.

4. Card Layouts

Inspired by Pinterest, Cards Layout on the website provides information in bite-sized pieces for perfect information. A distinguished concept is provided by each card. This card acts as a “Content Containers”, the rectangular shapes make them easier to rearrange at different device divisions.

5. Simple, User-Oriented Design

When it comes to web design, sometimes less is even more. More or less a website which is not overloaded with graphics is even appreciated by a most tech-savvy person. Followed by your website shouldn’t be boring. You just need to note down the important things and work OYO (On Your Own) designs.
If you need to add sub menus, you can hide them, and allow your users to discover them.


Now the question must be arising in your mind “which is the best Web Design Trend to follow”? The answer is: it depends on your brand, how the elements will carry your brand and how much you are desired to invest in your website. Apart from what’s trending and what’s not; you tend to serve your customers – your brand before everything else. If you are still confused, hire professional web designers from Radixweb.

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