Be the Best Seller with Magento Ecommerce Website

If you are having or planning of an eCommerce store, what are your priorities? Increased traffic, improved conversion, increased online selling, etc. Am I right? Fill your basket with all these advantages using Magento eCommerce development.

Attain competitive advantages of flexibility, responsiveness, effectiveness, scalability through Magento eCommerce and empower your online presence. It offers extensive range of advanced eCommerce features and marketing capabilities in compare to other eCommerce technology platform.

Why Magento for Ecommerce Website?

Magento is an open source e-commerce platform. It facilitates businesses with high-end flexibility for website content management and robust eCommerce functionalities for their online store. Due to simplified back-end, non-technical user can leverage compatibilities of Magento such as SEO, marketing modules, catalog management tool, etc. Meet all your business requirements using Magento below development services.

Get ready with customized Magento website and boost your business with its enterprise features. These are the advanced features that helps Magento to stand out different form other eCommerce technology platforms.

Pricing & Discount Rule Settings

Businesses can have complete control over the price and discount settings of shopping carts and catalogs.

Shopping Cart

Magento development permits to add shopping cart advantages on selected products. While customer shopping cart reaches to certain values, companies offer pre-defined discount to them. It can be a smart business strategy for sales promotions.

Coupon Code

This is a popular marketing tip. Companies can set coupon code in Magento eStore and sent it to customers via emails. By using coupon code, customers can get the discount on their purchase.

Catalog Pricing

Companies can set different prices of the same product at Magento for different target markets such as wholesalers, retailers and customers. Custom Catalog settings help in attracting different target market and improves sales.

Customized Banners

Magento eCommerce facilitates companies to create separate banners for each page of website. The banners are customizable for different segments with specified conditions.

eStore owners’ cannot attract different audience by promoting single style banners. Upload custom banners for all your products with different style and vibrant look and feel at Magento eCommerce development.

Automated Email Reminder

Sent a reminder email using Magento eCommerce development to those customers who already have several items in their wish lists and shopping carts. Enforce them to make buying decision about wish lists products via email reminder.

Now attracting prospects is quite easy, infect few clicks away. Insert promotional code into email and permit your customers to get discount on their purchase. Moreover, set the time period for email shoot after customer abandons their carts.

Mobile App Development

As it’s era of smartphone, Magento offers a full-fledged responsive website. Hire Magento developers to leverage Magneto’s mobile SDK’s, a comprehensive resource library, to reduce development efforts and time to market. It allows developers to build up robust mobile applications for Android and iOS platforms.

Online Payment via Braintree

Braintree is one of the robust Magento extensions. It is an integrated, free and east to install online payment platform. It requires one-time credit card information of customer.

The combo of Braintree and Magento delivers better customer experience, improves business scales and reduces risks. Braintree accepts payments from all over the world and offers secure transaction.

Enhanced Software Analysis

Software analysis is a powerful Magento extension for New Relic platform. It helps in analyzing application performance and health of hosting environment. Improve performance of Magento website by identifying issues that may be rise in future.

This module allows to track installed modules, order activity, catalog size, average order value, etc. It helps in measuring the effect of website configuration and performance on conversations.

Utilize robust marketing functionality of Magento website to increase website traffic, customer lifetime value, average order value, and conversions. Hire Magento developers from Web Design India to achieve all your business goals with interactive Magento website and earn good ROI. Contact us now.