Why WordPress CMS is the most popular Content Management System on the WEB

Initially WordPress CMS was developed and released as a Blog Publishing tool but eventually it became the preferred web designing tool for Web Designing Community. Now it’s so popular that almost 18% of websites on the internet are designed on it (From: http://w3techs.com/). For Many talented web designers and Blog Writers this tool has become their daily habit and sole earning.

WordPress CMS rules the internet with 60+ Million Websites worldwide.

The whole credit goes to wonderful developer and contributor to the community. It’s light, easy to develop and relatively faster at both Client and Server Side.

If you’re looking forward for designing a custom website then it’s the best option due to following reasons:

  • Its’ estimated that, 23% of the top 10 Million websites has WordPress powering them from backend (w3techs.com). It has covered more than 60% market share among the CMSs. Managing blogs, pages and contents are just a piece of cake now.
  • The Main reason it’s very popular is, it comes in two different flavors to cater various segments of users :
    • https://wordpress.com/: It’s a free service where, we just needs to register our self and create a professional looking website or blog with just a click of a button. We don’t need to understand any web programming to do that. This option also provides ample features for different looks and feel and domain and hosting space. And several of premium features are also available for higher level of personalization at very cost effective rates. This is best suited for users with little technical knowledge and wants to set up a website/blog, quickly and hassle free.
    • https://wordpress.org/: From this site we need to download the complete source code of this Platform. It’s free and Open-Source under GPLv2 (Licensing). This application is developed using PHP/MySQL which is again an open-source technologies. Since the release in 2001 it has evolved as the most comprehensive Content Management System of all time, in terms of usability and popularity.
    • The basic Content Management System can be extended using multitude of plugins, widgets and themes. The design and development of a Web application are limited only by the imagination of the web designer.
  • The other CMSs including Drupal, Joomla comes nowhere near to Word Press’s market share. The major reason for this is, requirement of highly paid developers due to the complex technical architecture of Drupal and Joomla.
  • On the other hand, WordPress CMS became one the favorite tools for “Do It Yourself” Bloggers who runs and manage their blogs and websites without any professional help. Also by using it a Web Designer finds a whole gamut of Web Design Oriented tools and themes which lets them create exceptionally beautiful websites. Similarly, the Developer Community releases so many plugins of Complex features such as document management or eCommerce store, it never ends for a WordPress Developer to come up with different types of web applications to give user intuitive exposure.
  • It is quite Digital Marketing and SEO friendly. If you are up with your website and want to track its performance in Google it’s easy. It comes with various Digital Marketing and SEO tools including a fully-fledged Web Analytic called “WordPress Stats”. You don’t have to be a Google analytic pro to trace the audience visit. If we check out figures, it is the third most popular Traffic Analysis Tools after “Google Analytic” and “Yandex.Matrica” (w3techs).
  • Its APP is available on all the operating systems and platforms be it computer, tablet or mobile phones. Its gives an extra edge to the webmasters and the bloggers to manage their contents on go. Even all complex features like Scheduling of content and the Analytic are all accessible via the APP. So the APP can be used as a standalone alternative to your blog or website. This feature comes very handy for the webmasters or writers, who travel a lot.

So if we look upon it, WordPress has moved quite a long way since the launch and has almost all the features, users who looking for a great looking website, e-shop or blog without any hassle. Also, due to its open-source nature, you can get your developers who can design and develop complex portals or trendy eCommerce Shops at low investment.