Do It Yourself or Freelance Web Designer or Web Design Company, Which one should you opt for?

Selecting the right pathway for website designing can be a tough step to decide. Earlier, web designing was an expensive affair if we had little or no technical skills. With the advent of widely accessible tools such as WordPress, many open source blogs, it is now easier and faster than ever to develop an attractive website designing quite easily.

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Three modes to consider while planning for the web designing:

Create it yourself

It’s very easy nowadays using various free tools. This option is best suited for building personal websites or blogs for many people with no technical knowhow. This seems to be pretty good, but there are some complexities. First one & most important is the amount of customizability available in terms of layout and web designing. DIY web builders will tend to use readymade templates available- a quick ways to design beautiful websites. In that case, it can happen that your portal may look similar to hundreds of these websites out there due to common graphics and looks. Possessing the ability to upload your own graphic is an added advantage, and that will allow you to personalize the portal to an extent. Second thing to consider is that these websites will generally be difficult to develop further as your business grows. This becomes difficult for Web designing, in this approach.

Hire Freelance Web Designer

The next option is getting it done by a freelance web designer. It might look a bit risky, but it is worth looking into if your budget is tight and still you want a website with advanced features and unique look. First of all, check out their portfolio to see the range of websites they can make, the features they can offer, the quality of the graphics & functionality. Also try to get first-hand testimonials from the owners of that site in their portfolio if possible.

Hire Web Design Companies

Finally, you can get a company to build the portal for you. Several website design companies can produce hundreds of small to medium websites at quite economic rates. They do this by utilizing and building on frameworks and templates that already exist, for example WordPress, and then adapting themes to create a different look and feel.

Web design companies will have teams of people working on different aspects of the website from the coding to the aesthetics of that site to optimizing the websites to rank high on search engines like Google to making sure the website works across all the major internet browsers and devices like the iPhone, iPad, and other mobile devices. Faster turnaround is expected from companies with special web design and development teams. Also, several advanced features are offered by them, which would be impossible to create using DIY website builders, for example, creating a database to power an e-commerce website with large catalogue, or creating online photo studio or gallery. These companies also offer a larger degree of customization, forward-compatibility and room for development. These companies develop websites using various CMS i.e. Content Management System which makes it easier to manage the website. Of course, all these features come at a cost, and we will be looking at anything from $5000 to $500,000 plus!

Select the right approach out of mentioned above based on your unique business need and budget.