Emailer Design Services

Today we have two types of markets existing for any business – online and offline. While you can do a variety of promotions in offline manner, it’s the online marketing tactics that break the ice for you.
You can reach a wider market segment, increase your marketing effectiveness, and improve your brand awareness. And you can do all this at comparatively lower costs.

Due to this a lot of businesses are now making use of online marketing for business growth. They are trying out different online marketing strategies. But the most popular out of them all is sending marketing e-mailers.

What an e-mailer does is it creates interest in your business, adds to your revenue, drives potential traffic to your website, and improves brand loyalty. You can do all this and more with a good e-mailer design.

So what exactly do we mean by “good” e-mailer design? Is it enough to just have a splash of colors and attractive graphics in a design? Will it deliver what you are looking for? Not really. So then what are the most important aspects in an e-mailer design?

Target Market & Purpose

Any design starts with objective and target audience. We ask 3 fundamental questions before designing an e-mailer:

  • Why are we designing the e-mailer?
  • What is the primary message of the e-mailer?
  • Who will receive the e-mailer?

We then create designs that address all these questions. All our designs involve research related to purpose, message, and target audience. A design created without vision and mission is no good. It will not deliver any tangible results.

E-mailer Layout Design

Simplicity with difference is what will work here. You can hire e-mailer designers from Radix to create simple looking yet unique layout for your e-mailer. We identify your target market and create designs that suit your target audience. We select images, graphics, icons, etc to match your e-mailer purpose, target audience, and branding. We balance e-mailer design with colors and typography.

Content Presentation

Another basic requirement of an e-mailer design is how you present your content. Our designers use unique typography to present your content. We use different font types and styles for your text. We apply effects to your text depending on the requirement. We make sure that we follow a structured format for content presentation. We take special care that our design elements do not overshadow your e-mailer content and message. Our designs in fact bring out the key message for your audience.

Call to Action

One of the purposes of an e-mailer is to drive traffic to your website. But it doesn’t make sense to get your readers to visit just about any page on your website. You want them to make targeted website visits. So we add call to action buttons to your e-mailer designs. This way, your readers can click on the button and land onto a particular web page. This will make your e-mailer campaign more effective.

HTML and Text E-mailers

At Radix you can hire designers to create e-mailers that are HTML based. We design e-mailers that combine both text and images. This way if your recipients’ mail program rejects images, then at least the text would be readable to get your message across. We avoid using Flash animations in e-mailers because they tend to increase loading time. This can prove negative to your e-mailer. So once again we keep it simple here with attractive concept and text. Images do the trick for concept. Text gets the message across. We place appropriate call to action buttons to redirect your readers to your website.

Table Based E-mailer

All browsers do not support float, margin, or padding used in an e-mailer. In such cases, your reader won’t be able to view your e-mailer even if they try. To avoid this disaster we prefer to use tables in HTML. Tables can handle complex content placement. Tables also make mailing format and framework consistent across different browsers. It also becomes easy to make last minute changes in a table form e-mailer design. However, we use simple tables only and not embedded ones with many rows and columns.

E-mailer Testing

Once the e-mailer is designed it’s very important that it is tested for end result. At Radix, we test the email design on different leading browsers. We check how the images are displayed on different browsers. We check the readability of text on these browsers. We also verify the loading time of the e-mailer on different mail clients.
You can hire designers from Radix to design e-mailers that promote event participations, special offers, new product or service launch, upgrade, etc. We will design e-mailers that will help you promote your business in an attractive way and get the right message across to your customers.

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