Infographics – Arty Makeover of Information into Visual Storytelling

“INFOGRAPHIC” – A big bang of this era. We can see its powerful existence across all platforms start from web pages, blog posts, articles, e-mailers, social media platforms, newspapers, magazines to television commercials. But to design an amazing infographic is not everyone’s cup of tea, as it requires strong command over conceptualization and visualization.

Infographic – What It’s All About?

What clicks into your mind through this word? You must visualize a unique, catchy and colorful graphical presentation of data and information. It is creative mixture of content, ideas, design and research analysis. A thoughtful presentation of all these aspects transforms a colorful graphic into a meaningful story line.

Transformation of overloaded information into infographic steals viewers’ attention and enforces them to scroll the web page until the end. At Radix, we don’t make just a graphic, we are expert in creating eye candy infographic. Communicate your business story to the target audience effectively through an amazing pictorial display of infographic.

With Infographic, Businesses Can Leverage …..

Appealing Pictorial Display

Well, we all know human tendency, our 90% of attention is grabbed by pictures in compared to text. This proved in various research too. A proper information flow, with appropriate graphical elements, leaves an incredible effect on readers’ mind. Selection of suitable shapes, colors, text style, etc. gives an amazing look to information. Mesmerize the readers with this sexy pictorial vocabulary.

Improved Brand Awareness

Instead of text, use of infographic helps a lot to businesses, as they get special attention of customers. Representation of business, product or services related information through a graphic, differentiates you from typical crowd of your industry domain. It sets a brand of your business across the target audience. So be creative and stay ahead in competition by using the art of infographic into your various promotional material such as e-mailers, blogs, articles, etc.

Simplified Information Presentation

Invite readers to scroll the web page endlessly with pretty designer presentation of complex details. It allows to set all details, statistics, etc. in a proper flow to get expected effect over the readers. I bet, your readers will have a remarkable experience while they go through a decent infographic. No matter whatever platform it will be, online or offline.

Empowered Presence at Social Media

It is quite easy to share at the social media platforms, as it is an image. Vibrant color and design based infographic creates temptation across the target audience. If it is really attractive, then this unique presentation becomes viral across the social media and helps in getting big hits in business.

Enhanced Customer Engagement

Infographics transform your massive information into an attractive form. A logical flow of infographic drives exclusive engagement of clients by conveying your massage to them in a creative way. It enforces customers to act on your issues or ideas. Thus, it helps in setting a communication channel between businesses and customers.

Increased Effectiveness of Message

Pictorial presentation of any message appeals to readers and improves the effectiveness message. They would like to go through the entire information by reading it in detail. While the same information will be presented in text format, they simply ignore it. Using the power of infographic, businesses can present their valuable thoughts, ideas, data and statistics in a well-organized manner.

Radix graphic artists possess powerful visualization power to create a very creative and conceptual infographic. We commit that your readers will fall in love with the infographic, designed by our team. Write your requirements to our team and have amazing infographic for your business promotion.

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