How to Design E-Commerce Website?

Internet has seen growing popularity in all parts of the world. The number of internet users buying online is growing steadily. And to cater to this growing population many new e-commerce websites are being launched. But some of these e-commerce websites seriously lack quality and usability in terms of design.

Any e-commerce website has three main objectives:

  1. Sell products online
  2. Create brand awareness & loyalty
  3. Win customer trust

All these objectives can be achieved if the customer stays engaged with the website. And a customer will stay engaged with the website only if the design is appealing and user-friendly.

We did a quick survey with our clients to find out what aspect of design really added value to their online store and helped their business. These are the items mentioned by our clients that matter to them in their design.

Clear Logo Placement
Logo is the most recognizable aspect of a business whether it is a startup unit or an established one. Online users will not deal with a website without knowing the identity of the business. Our clients liked that we place their logo in header part of the website. This gives it very high visibility. It also builds customer’s confidence and creates a strong recall value.

Deals & Offers
Deals and offers are very critical in marketing strategies of our customers. They create different offers and discount programs to generate more sales. It is very important for them that their website users see these deals and offers prominently on the homepage. So we create very attractive and exciting banners to announce offers. These banners are placed in top part of the web store so that visitors can easily see them. Our customers have reported higher response rate to their offers from these banners.

Product Display
Even in online business product display makes a lot of difference. Latest online trends reveal that e-commerce websites with attractive display of products get more orders. We very carefully design a gallery for our customers to display their products. The gallery has categories for different product types. Our clients add product images, product specs or features, special deals, etc in gallery. We design this product gallery for the homepage to attract users.

Top Selling Products
If you are an e-commerce website then you definitely want to highlight your most popular products. Putting them in product gallery with other products will not highlight them. So we create a special section for them in the design. We can create special banners for them, “hot products” section etc to create more customers.

Shopping Cart & Checkout
An e-commerce website without shopping cart is not possible. But a customer should be able to view the shopping cart feature and use it easily. So we use a very prominent looking shopping cart icon in the design. We place it where website users can easily locate it and use it.

We also design a very transparent and easy to use check-out process. All important details like product name, quantity, cost, etc are highlighted properly on checkout page. The flow of the check-out process is very logical and meaningful.

Payment Methods
E-commerce websites let you sell your products to customers of different countries with different preferred payment systems. It may not be possible for a website to work with all payment systems due to technical or regulatory limitations. Our designs show users how they can make payment for online purchases.

We add icons for card-based payments, cash on delivery, etc. A few of our clients use gift vouchers as mode of payment. We include these as well in our design. Our clients feel that clarity of payment has helped them prevent many uncomfortable situations with their end users.

Language Options
Many e-commerce websites have the facility where their customers can translate the content in another language. But these options are not very clear because of which local customers lose interest and leave the website.

We very carefully include language options in the homepage design itself. Customers can easily click and change the language. They can feel comfortable with the website and trust it.

Social Media Links
We understand the importance of social media in business. Research shows that e-commerce websites are able to sell almost 20% more through social media promotion. End users visit social network pages to get additional info about product and company. They read reviews and feedbacks before making the decision. So we add social media icons like Facebook, Twitter, etc in design.

A good homepage design of your e-commerce website can make a real difference in your success rate. So make sure that your design team analyses your business strategy properly before creating the design. And if you do not have design team then contact us for your requirements.