Logo Designing Services

Logo designing is probably one of the most underestimated arts. A logo is more than just an image or text. It’s a concept, a visual representation of a business and its values. It’s a way of connecting with your target audience and creating brand awareness.

So what is a good logo? Is it an attractive image? Is it a smart tagline? What essential elements should your logo have?

Concept: A logo should have a concept. It should have some meaning for the market to understand.

Relation: Your logo should have some sort of relation to your business. It should either reflect what you do or what you believe in.

Simplicity: A good logo is not necessarily a complex design. A simple sign or a different typography can also be a good logo.

Uniqueness: Your logo should be unique. Your target market should not confuse your logo with the logo of some other company or business.

This makes it important that you hire logo designers that have the necessary skill sets and experience. With us you can hire logo artists for designing following type of logos:

Text Logo
This is the simplest form of logo. It is also known as font or word based logo. Generally a text logo represents the enterprise’s name. Now this may seem very simple but it does not mean we can’t make it attractive. We make use of typography here. We apply variations in shapes, styles, colors, and sizes of different fonts to make the text logo creative and attractive.

Iconic Logo
Such logos are simple graphics and symbols used as brand identity. These symbols represent the enterprise itself or its products, services, industry, ideology, etc. It is a pictorial exhibition of a business. We can create designs that combine text and graphics and give a broader interpretation to the logo.

Graphic Logo Designing
Although often confused with iconic logos, graphic logos are something different. Graphic logos are largely based on vector graphics. That is why they are also popularly called vector graphic logos. Our logo artists can combine vector images, icons, pictures, and fonts to create a unique logo for your business. We can design vector logos to represent your product, service, business theme, concept, etc. Graphic logos are easy to recognize for viewers and easy to use for media. We provide graphic logos in GIF, JPEG, BMP, and TIFF format.

Illustrative Logo
This is one of the toughest logos to design, the reason being that this type of logo requires more detailed and careful designing. Our logo artists can design ingenious characters to go with the text of your logo. The combination of text and character will give an excellent visual identity to your brand. We can even design characters that depict your target market.

Custom Logo
In addition to all the above listed logos, we can design logos that are custom-made for your business. We can create custom logos that combine different kind of design styles and typographies. We can custom design 3D logos, antique looking logos, artistic logos, feminine logos, abstract logos, hi-tech logos etc. We have designed retro logos, web 2.0 logos, letterform logos, badge style logos, sporty logos, cartoon or kiddy logos and much more. We have designed custom logos for entertainment, retail, print, hotel, construction, IT, tattoo artists, healthcare, etc.

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Logos will help you establish your identity in the market and create your brand. So think twice before you hire logo designer. Make sure that your logo designer understands your business, market, and your business values.