Mobile Responsive WordPress Website

In this day and age, internet is no longer platform compatible. Today you can access websites on smartphones, mobile, tablets, and laptops. Your customers are viewing your website on different screens with different resolutions. Does this mean you create different versions of your website for these devices? In past this is what you might have done.
But now you can get mobile responsive WordPress websites designed.

Responsive website designing is a technique to develop single website that looks same and displays same behavior on all different devices. The website will resize resolution according to the screen size of different devices. It’s a cost effective way of getting wider acceptance for a website from different device users.

At Radix, we have experienced web designers to offer WordPress mobile responsive websites. WordPress is a highly popular open source framework for developing websites with content management facility. There are many websites and blogs being developed in this framework. Our developers take it to the next level by developing mobile responsive WordPress websites.

High-End Mobile Compatibility

You customers can access your WordPress mobile responsive website on different operating systems of different mobile handsets. So iPhone users, iPad users, Android users all can make use of your website on their mobile handset.

At Radix our WordPress developers can help you improve the visibility of your website, articles, and blogs on mobile platform. Your mobile compatible WordPress website will get additional traffic. Our web designers can create responsive WordPress websites that deliver high end user experience on mobile platform. They can develop a future friendly website that will help you win more loyal customers.

Responsive WordPress Theme Designing

You can hire WordPress developers from Radix to design responsive website themes. We design custom responsive themes that match your brand and represent your business better. Our theme design will help you enhance your business presentation and increase your customer base. We design themes that look stunning on desktop, laptop, and mobile. Our themes will also be compatible with different browsers.

SEO Friendly Designing

We develop responsive WordPress websites that are highly SEO friendly. We develop websites with high end content management facility. This way you can publish keyword rich content for search engines. You can get better ranking on leading search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, Bing, etc. You can increase your website visits and get additional traffic for your website.

Statistical and Analytical Tools

We offer statistical and analytical tools with WordPress mobile responsive websites. You can use these tools to track density and composition of your website traffic. You can evaluate information of your website visitors like search engine that they used, their social media account, etc. You can use these tools for both desktop and mobile visitors.

Integration of Media Queries

Our WordPress designers add media queries like responsive images, responsive videos, responsive forms, etc in mobile responsive websites. These media queries assist in enhancing and expanding design resolution in different devices. Since we develop it in WordPress, you can quickly and easily modify online content. You can change text, images, banners etc and all these will get resized to match the device screen size.

Technical Add-ons

Our WordPress developers use HTML5 and CSS3 to develop mobile responsive website. We develop websites with full width page, search page, sitemap page, gallery or portfolio, login or register facility, and pre-built page template for blog style layout. We use short codes to improve the performance of the website. And we do all this at affordable cost.

Do not spend more on getting another copy of your WordPress website developed for smartphones. Instead hire WordPress developers from Radix to develop mobile responsive websites. Contact Us for quote of mobile responsive WordPress website.