Parallax Scrolling – For Wow Type of Websites

Till now the basic principles of website design and development have been 1) presentation 2) accessibility and 3) client engagement. So far so good! But today a client is engaged with so many other channels how will he even remember your website?

It’s time to think about something more than client engagement. It’s time for what we call ‘client enamorment’.

And when you talk about enamoring clients a regular website with responsive design is just not enough. But Parallax can give you that wow effect. Parallax is inspired by video games that have 2D scrolling. The key is the movement of images and backgrounds. We move website’s background and foreground at different speeds to create an illusion of depth in website.

Also known as one-page websites, Parallax websites enamor clients with visual effects.

So what’s new with Parallax?

Let Your Website Tell a Story
The whole idea behind Parallax scrolling is to give depth to your website. And by depth we don’t just mean attractive visuals. We mean ‘story’. Your designers get a freehand to create a story for your website. Let this story guide your website visitors through different sections and call to action points.

Just Scroll Through
You can get done with complex website navigations and long menus. Visitors can just scroll through your website from top to bottom. Different background images are used for differentiating different sections. The idea behind long scrolls is to make page visits longer. You also reduce clicks which makes websites easy to use on handheld devices.

UX Takes Over From UI
You can engage clients with user interface. But if you want to enamor them then you need to work on user experience. And that is exactly what Parallax websites are all about. The big visuals, the animations, the story approach, the typography – they all create an experience for website visitors.

Product Presentation
Parallax websites will help you improve your product presentation by manifolds. You can add a 3D look to product model, demonstrate benefits using animations, and create an interactive element to product presentations. You can use large photos of your product and show different details like cut, seam, texture, packaging, etc.

Make Website Desirable for Back Links
We do agree that one-page websites face SEO limitations. But what they lose in terms of meta information, h1 tag, and URL they make up for in terms of website backlinks. Parallax websites rank higher in desirability and have better chance of getting more organic back links. There are many websites interested in back linking with creative websites that have ‘wow’ effect.

Some of the most interesting and highly ranked websites on the web today are using Parallax. They are creating curiosity and a thrilling experience for their website visitors. You can do it too. If you are ready to charm your website audience with Parallax scrolling then just get in touch with us.