Print Product Designing

Print products help in business expansion – there is no doubt about it. Print products are used right from business introduction to promoting a business and building a brand. Just imagine trying to talk about your business without a business card, or running a marketing campaign without brochures and flyers. Or let’s say, try to build a brand value without loyalty cards, discount coupons, or membership cards. Seems hard, right? It is!

So if print products are so deeply related to a business, how critical is its design? Very! Print products when designed correctly can give you an edge over your competition. You can ring in extra bucks and penetrate better in the market. They can in a way aide your business growth.

So then what is a good print product design? Well it depends on the category of product. The family of print products can be divided into:

  • Business stationary
  • Promotional products
  • Relationship building products
  • Special occasions products

Business Stationary Designing
Business stationary is one of the most commonly used print products. In this category you have products like business cards, letterheads, envelops, notepads, etc. Designing these products requires good understanding of branding. The designs have to reflect on your corporate identity. Business card designs should creatively utilize limited space. Letterhead designs should not distract readers from business correspondence. Envelops and notepad designs should focus more on simplicity and brand identities.

Promotional Product Designing
Brochures, flyers, postcards, etc are your popular promotional products. These products require a different kind of design approach. These products are meant to stir an interest in your products and services. Your customers should want to pick them up and read them. To get this kind of result you can rely on attractive images and colors. But what you really need is a concept. A conceptual design will help you attract the crowd and convey a strong message. Well placed content and appropriate call to action can then help generate business. So for promotional products conceptual and attractive designs work.

Relationship Building Product Designing
These products have a very special purpose and need to be designed carefully. Products like loyalty cards, membership cards, newsletters etc fall in this category. What these products do is give your customers a sense of exclusivity. They increase their brand affinity and strengthen their relationship with your business. So these product designs should focus more on brand recall value, classy looks, and personalization. Your customers should be proud enough to pull out your membership card and show it anywhere. And a good design can do this. A good design can make your customers feel exclusive and highly valued.

Special Occasions Product Designing
These products are typically used during a special occasion or at a certain time of the year. These are products like holiday cards, birthday greetings, party invites, wedding invites, etc. Now all these products require a different designing approach. They need conceptual backgrounds. Images or colors used should reflect the theme of the card. Each product design should a touch of personalization as well. Appealing look and feel is also important here. Overall the product design should look as if it is tailor-made for the event or season.

So far we have seen that each type of product requires a designer to adopt a different approach and have understanding of different fields. This kind of combination of design concepts and business requirements can be found in Radixweb designers. We have been designing all these different products for more than 6 years now.

You can view our Print Product portfolio.

So next time you need a print product designed, hire designer who can deliver exactly what you need.