Responsive Web Design – Proven Strategy to Increase Revenue

It’s a challenge to attain business landmarks quickly without a powerful online presence. Having an impressive website makes you competitive to stay ahead in the market. Appealing website looks promising to customers, grabs their attention and converts them into long-term customers from visitors.It also helps businesses to improve online visibility and reach out to target audience. And responsive website design is one of the unbeatable online marketing strategies to get noticed by search engines and optimize the visibility.

As stated by Google, you are probably sinking 61% of traffic on your website because you have constructed a site that is difficult to navigate.

Responsive web design drives 67% more traffic to your website due to a user-friendly and easy-to-navigate structure.

Responsive web design and increase in sale is like – “Dine with Wine”

Studies have shown that 71% people prefer mobile in order to search online products, and 27% have made a purchase using it. We can expect that these numbers will be increased in near future because of ease of use and purchasing power that will be increased with the introduction of new devices in the area of mobile technologies.

While looking at the mobile market, it seems more comfortable and enjoyable user experience, which are more likely to convert as potential buyers of your products or services. Generally, users look at the website’s visual appeal, usability, and overall experience while developing a confidence about a website – which affects conversion ratio.

“All you need a responsive website for potential buyer and assured ROI”

Responsive website design allows the smooth and seamless experience to users when the users navigate to it. There are several companies which can help you transform your website into a state-of-art mobile compatible solution for your users.

Here we are sharing some ideas that aid you to stay ahead in large-scale competition:


It won’t take too much of amount to update or redesign your website. In fact, upgrading your website from static to responsive will increase your customer ratio and assured ROI. You can also go with WordPress open source platform in which themes are available at $75 or more. However, these themes can be technical hectic for you when it comes to requiring changes. Hence, it is advisable to hire dedicated web developers from Web Design Company for your responsive website design needs.


Through PageSpeed insights, Google provides you responsive testing. The Google will show you all the result you need to ensure that how fast your website is responding.

Google Penalty

In the recent update of Google, it is clearly stated that if you won’t have a responsive website then your website won’t crawl and your website is likely to get penalized for it. Google is looking forward with mobile users first because the today people prefer mobile first for the query they have in their mind.

Studies have shown that 71% people prefer mobile in order to search online products, and 27% have made a purchase using it.

So now you know that how responsive design is useful to you and your business in generating more potential buyers and ROI as well. Radix firmly believes that responsive website design is more form of art which reflects your business. Our professionals deliver stunning responsive website design with an artistic, innovative and customized approach.

So what are you waiting for smell the coffee check your website and if you haven’t updated it yet then probably you are on the verge of losing business. Let us help you in making the most of your business through online appearance – your website Contact us today.