Tips to Form a Quick-Connecting Mobile Friendly Website for 2017

It’s a mobile age, and no one takes the time to surf queries & land on respective websites. Among the ocean of sites available, it’s a challenge for you to hold visitors, serve them beyond their expectations & gel up well. The mobile-friendly website is not a new term obviously, but the factors count on for shaping ideal websites are ephemeral & keep changing frequently.

User-centric mobile website carrying prodigious look and feel is a magnet to entice the visitors. So, for influencing the mobile visitors, you need to be quick connecting at a level that just visitors converted into the potential clients.

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As the Google is moving to a mobile first index, and nearly half of your expected visitors are supposed to land on your mobile-site, then it is the right time that you must think about the make-over tips for your mobile-friendly website to woo the customers promptly.

You might be wondering, what’s new in 2017 & how to form a magnetic mobile friendly website? Take a trip to the tips which includes all tiny to top factors which can help you formulate the quick relation with your visitors.

Top 10 Tips for the Functional Mobile Friendly Web Design

1. Responsive Design

This element is already in practice and carry forwarded as a must for 2017 as well. It’s worthless to create a separate site for mobile. Get the responsive design for the website and you are done. Develop the responsive website design which is compatible with all mobile screen resolutions & set automatically as per the screen sizes. By this way, reduce the development efforts and time investment.

2. Streamline Navigation

Keep in mind that mobile users have a small screen and to deliver the maximum information you need to simplify the navigation. Best is to include a single menu icon at a side. Facilitate users to tap on it, and then the drop down will open up. With this, you can simplify the navigation and provide the key aspects to users at their thumb. This works well for the website of any industry sector or business. If the businesses have multiple services, then you can name the menu with “Services”. Inside that the drop down can contain a list of all services and sub-services can also be added.

3. Font Size

Strictly avoid that much small fonts that the user need to zoom in to pinch it or see it. As per the trend, considering the mobile first approach, even simple website designs welcome large fonts. Throughout the website, do not prepare the designs which demand long paragraphs & lengthy content. Rather than, maintain the titles with large font size and a small description. The large fonts in designs are practically delivering great as of now.

4. Card-Style Design

The card-style design is dominating as it represents neat and clean information in a small container. Whatever content it is- text, images, buttons, sliders, videos, coupons, music, payment information, links, can be put into the rectangular containers. The card-pattern designs split into different styles or elements such as layered card designs, narrative, discovery, conversation, and workflow. Whichever style seems to match your design visualization or work for your business, you can simply go with.

5. Consider Thumb Zone

While crafting a mobile-friendly design, set your design in a way that you place the important links, call-to-action, etc. in the easy-to-reach thumb zone. Additionally, the gestures and movements also mark an importance. Tap, double-tap, swipe, drag, pinch & press are the generic gestures and keep them within the thumb-zone. And it’s okay to put less important things in the hard-to-reach zones. Don’t compromise the design standards at any level, but put the elements at the place-with more possibilities of conversion.

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6. Omni Channel Experience

This tip is dedicated to the online shopping websites only. By this way, you can offer your customers a seamless shopping experience. The retailers are already optimizing the trend but, it is also important for e-commerce website owner to facilitate the customers with a unified shopping experience.

7. Image Optimization

Crystal clear and high quality images are on demand. Simultaneously how quick the images load makes a mobile friendly site quick connecting. Use high resolution images, resize and make available in a size that fit onto the screen of mobile devices.

8. Be Short & Sweet Content Wise

In this age, over-information is overlooked. The mobile screens are small, so set the short and sweet content which delivers a worth. Lengthy product descriptions, wordy blog posts, cluttered images are just old fashion, and practically the mobile users would not get into it. Set the catchy designs taking a focused short and sweet content. Be creative in choosing images and write to the point words which actually represent you and your business.

9. Improve Checkout Process

No one would like to spend a valuable time to fill a lot of information and go through the lengthy check-out process. E-commerce stores must try to reduce the number of fields required to fill the final checkout details. Make sure that the process is quick and not painful for the users. Lengthy checkouts may get converted into the customer loss.

10. Avoid Flash & Pop-ups

The iPhone, Android v4.1 and higher don’t support flash, and that’s why Including the Flash & pop-ups in designs is not a good practice. Rather use HTML to display any stuff with a great look and feel. Avoid Pop-up sign-up forms and native app advertisement as they distract visitors, and they may not like it.

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