Value Added WordPress Website Development

If you make a search on Google for the term “Wordpress website development” you will get thousands of search results. There are companies and freelancers pitching themselves as WordPress development experts. And many of them are indeed technically superior to us. But where we differentiate ourselves is at service level.

Over the past decade of working with different clients from different regions we have realized something. Customers are not always looking for technically superior product only. What they really need is a product that meets their requirement and a service that they can rely on. So how do we deliver this?

Regular Communication
There is nothing more irritating than a service provider going blank on you. So we have adopted a policy of communicating with our clients on regular basis. We share designs with the clients, take their feedback, share improvement tips, and send weekly and fortnightly reports. We engage our clients in the development process and keep them involved with us. This gives them a sense of reassurance that their project is in the right hands.

Technical Support
We offer technical support to our WordPress clients for 2 months. This period of 2 months starts from the date when the project is delivered or published on the internet. During this period we solve any technical issues or bugs of the website. We perform small technical tweaking to the website on request. We help out with website banners. In a sense we stay with our client all along the way and help him utilize the website in optimized manner.

WordPress Training & Walk-Through Sessions
This is one service that almost all our clients have appreciated. We offer a special WordPress training to our clients once their website is ready. We walk them through their website’s admin panel. We show them how to manage their website content. We show them how they can add new page or remove existing page. We also train them on how to change website images, banners, etc.

These are the words of appreciation that we received from one client: “You guys have really made me independent with my website. Now I don’t need to depend on a developer every time I want to update something on my website. I can do it myself!”

We believe in maintaining transparency in our dealings. So we document all the project expectations and deliverables. Our project proposal explains what we will deliver and when. Broadly speaking, we document things like:

  • Scope of project
  • Estimation of development efforts which will include standard and custom development
  • Cost estimations & payment terms
  • Assumptions involved in project
  • Technical specifications
  • Services that will not be included in the project

We clarify all ambiguities and commence work only after the client has reviewed and given approval to project documentation.

Technical Consultancy
Many times a client has clear understanding of what features he wants in his website. But he is not sure which technology will offer these features. And then at times due to certain misconceptions a client ends up selecting a technology that does not meet his requirements.

So we always start by consulting a client on technology. We ask questions and listen to them carefully as they discuss their requirements. Then we suggest technologies that can meet their needs. We recommend plug-ins, third party tools, etc. We share our knowledge with the client to help him make right decision.