Emerging Trends of Web Designing in 2015

As expected, this 2015 introduces various advanced technologies for website design. The modern web designing trends give a professional and decent look to a website. Parallax websites, code-less web pages, single-page website, responsive websites, etc. are currently in-demand trends followed by web designers. They cater charismatic websites with dynamic features and functionalities to address varying business needs of clients belong to diversified industry domains. Upcoming revolutionary changes in website design involve:


An essential aspect that is taken care by web design service providers to make a brilliant website. In recent times, websites have comparatively big and unjustified text in compare to old small and justified text. The unique typography catches attention of site visitors. There is required to have flexible typography that suits to different devices as responsive web designing is the basic need of todays’ market. Key aspects that web designers focus at the time of deigning a website are font size & style, column width and line height. Appropriate typography improves readability of your web pages.

Code Less Website Design

Generally, website design is done by two different divisions. Front-end web designing is done by web designers and back-end HTML coding is completed by coders. However, high-end designing tools and software allow to make websites without using a single line coding. The latest graphic design software permits to create a website with clean coding having W3C validation. Obviously, HTML coders are always required to generate code for dynamic back-end of any website. Updated technologies simplify designing, development and deployment of a simple website.

Responsive Design

Till the end of 2014, responsive website design is considered to create a website that is compatible with different screen sizes of desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. But with the changing time, it is necessary that along with these platforms, a website runs successfully at smart watches as well as TVs too. Thus, we can say this year will introduce robust technologies to address emerging technical needs of website design.

Flat Website Design

Flat web designing caters elegant presentation of content and graphics. It allows to design a fast, content based, neat and clean, and lean website that has a professional look and feel. It gives an attractive presentation of text and design that inspires visitors to go through the website and take action by making buying decisions.

Large Sized Images

Along with the fonts, web designers use large scale images to catch customer attention. Such images increase the loading of web pages. To reduce loading of the website, professional web designers employ modern techniques such as responsive resizing, extracting background of dominating colors, image optimization to decrease load on the server, etc. The leading web design services providers make websites by setting conceptual images in the background of web pages. They also utilize blur and color filter to create an amazing font effect of “float on top”.

Parallax Effect and Scrolling Animations

Using parallax scrolling for web designing, enterprises gives a memorable experience to visitors. It enhances readability of website and visitors like to move around such a sleek website. There are possibilities to apply unique navigation pattern having several levels. The parallax scrolling effect requires less loading time with smooth transition. It provides a seamless flow of information to the site visitors. The experts expected that parallax scrolling website will bloom and hit the web designing market in 2015.


Image captures more attention in compare to text. This a simple human psychology. So to present information into a design form info-graphic is the best way. Web-graphics are capable to spread large volume of information though a simple info graphics. Visually appealing info-graphics interact with site visitors, convey the business information effectively and improve customer retention. Due to these advantages, it becomes integral part of modern website design. These days clients from versatile industries are asking for personalize info-graphics design for their corporate websites to make them more attractive and effective.

Hire experienced and talented web designers who can understand your business needs, create website design accordingly and deliver a satisfactory output. Improve your customer base with creative and cool web designing.