Give the Power of Mobility to your Clients with Responsive Web Design

In last five years we have seen the unbelievable hype and anticipation followed by eye popping sales of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. These devices are getting a cult status and everybody feels pride in having one. These products are already driving more sales than personal computers and laptops, and soon personal computers are going to be history. It’s not that the consumer’s current mobiles are outdated, but they want to utilize the maximum potential of mobile computing platform with newer features.

Let us review some facts:

  • Recent sold out on arrival of iPhone 6, Android Devices like Moto’s, Xiaomi’s proves that these smart devices are totally dominating the mind of Modern day Electronic consumers.
  • The sales of smart devices such iPad or other Android based tablets proves that innovation and best “user experience” can really sell products which nobody thought they will ever need. (This is a real world example of “the need” from the Movie Dr.Seus’s Lorax)
  • All Tech Giants like Microsoft, Apple, Google, and Amazon are busy with bringing new stuffs to mobile computing. And the Organizations like Nokia who stick to the traditional approach, no longer exists.
  • Even dead devices like HP Touch Pad sold out completely during the Fire Sales, as people saw a decent mobile computing device at a $99 price tag. After it sold out various Independent developer groups came up with its Android versions support for rescue that Dead Device.
  • With programs like “Android One” Industry driver like Google are trying constantly to capture the growing market by making these devices available to all the people at a very low cost ($99 for a Pure Android Device). Similarly for the economically deprived the sections of world, Governments like The Indian Ministry of Human Resource Development are collaborating with Electronic Manufacturers to release $20 Tablets with various educational features and internet for Students. If this initiative succeeds, it will definitely pave the way to find consumers even in the poorer section.
  • Release of Android enabled TV and Digital Cameras shows that the Electronic devices nowadays needs to be Smart and should be multipurpose apart from the core feature for which it’s manufactured.

Looking at all above points we can definitely conclude, that very soon each and every hand on Earth will have a mobile computing device. And the Mobile applications will have market at every corner.

However, if we look closely at above, we will see mobile apps mentioned above are very popular applications with millions of registered users. But, none of them are innovations as such in their respective applications as all these products have alternatives. They are available in our computers for free. But we no longer sit in front of computers to use them. However, we use their mobile alternatives due to easy accessibility. So for these apps the user reach for mobile version is far ahead of their PC Versions. And now Google and Amazon earn more money after selling their $199 devices, via their Application Gateways/Markets ( and Google Play).

As we already saw the Number of these Mobile Device Users are growing phenomenally. So a separate mobile website or a responsive web design will help your website to get more visitors.

Similarly, due to better accessibility the customer can access services at any point of time or e.g., they can buy services using mobile payment gateways easily, whenever and wherever they want. So at any time frame, there is a better business.

So isn’t it the right time to put your business and services available right inside the Mobile devices of your clients/consumers/end users?

What is a responsive website design?

Responsive web design (RWD) is the website design technique, to provide an optimal viewing experience based on the screen resolution. It changes the resolution of the Website based on the resolution of the device accessing it. It provides easy readability and navigation with minimum resizing and scrolling.

A site with responsive design, adapts the layout to the viewing resolution by using flexible images, and CSS3 media queries altogether.

With Twitter comes with their own, responsive design Framework, “Bootstrap” and W3c’s HTML 5, Whole world’s Web designing communities is considering the responsive website design as a coherent feature for Internet Consumers.

Apart from Twitter Bootstrap we also have so many other responsive design frameworks like ‘Foundation’ , ‘Zimit’, ‘InK’ and ‘Pure’ to name a few. These responsive design frameworks and plethora of themes, for websites and CMSs makes it far easier for web designing community to achieve it, as hassle free as it can be.

Looking at all these above, it is essential for Web designers to set these responsive website design patterns as a default standard of web designing and provide an added advantage for their clients to enjoy their websites, in their smart devices.