Single Page Website Design: Boosting Online Presence of SMEs

Small and mid-sized businesses run with their budgetary constraints. Usually, they target to earn more by spending less. Due to this reason, they are less interested to go for large scale web designing. For them, single page website design is the best solution to set strong online presence at affordable rates. When it comes to one web page design, it is quite easy to design, develop and maintain in compare to a multiple page website.

Though there is only one page, the website carries professional look with decent appearance and precise information. This quality made the single website design one of the most popular trends of this era. Clutter free web designing, quick navigation, high resolution images, smooth scrolling, attractive color combinations, limited content and pleasing UX are the basic potentials of this type of website. It is quite easy to make a responsive website of single web page design.

Before making the decision to create a one page web designing for the business look into the major facets of it.

Key Aspects of Single Page Website Design

Use Concise and Attentive Content

Here, you have only one page to represent the business. Thus, one has to be smart enough to present his business details within a page. Due to storytelling approach, it enhances customer conversions and enforces visitors to make an instant buying decision. In one page website design, it is preferable to have multiple sections having specific business info in brilliant flow. If there is no overflow of information, the one page web designing can be a good content marketing strategy for the business.

Smooth Navigation

It contains seamless navigation throughout the website. Like traditional website, single page web designing allows to set menubar at header part or apply creative navigation too. For user friendly perspective, it is preferable to fix menubar at the top of website. It helps visitors to move around the web page no matter how long and how deep they need to scroll it. Throughout the page, there will be “Back to Top” button so visitors can go back at the upper sections of the website at any time.

Set Call to Action Button

“Call to Action” is the most essential factor to improve conversions. It helps in serving several particular purposes such as to download mobile apps, place online orders, request for demo, submit contact forms, etc. Keep the button with different colors, design and typos to catch customer attention to enhance conversions.

Simple Yet Attractive

Generally, one page website design is appealing in look and feel as it is combination of catchy color combination, concise text, creative animations and graphics, etc. Technologies like CSS, JavaScript, HTML5, etc. makes it functionally effective. Thus, the combo of designing and development offers an engaging web page design.

Don’t Make It Heavy

It is suggested not to use much detail, animations and graphics as they make the website heavy. Ultimately, it increases website loading time and hurts purpose of the website. The slow loading time also affects SEO sides and reduces visibility of a website on different search engines.

Benefits of Single Page Website Design

  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Easy to Maintain
  • Better for SEO
  • Well Organized Navigation
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Reduce Bandwidth Usage

At Radix, our web design experts make creative and conceptual single web page design for versatile industry domains. Contact our representatives to make a state-of-the-art website for your business.