Why your static website is not helping you to close enough sales?

When it comes to Digital Marketing, most of the people think of a well-designed websites highly optimized for search engines. So, when they are at the edge of redesign their website their major focus is to have an attractive design and it should fill up with lots of keywords to have web crawls picking it up. Having an attractive design and SEO is really enough for your Digital Marketing Strategy? What are the next steps once you landed your target audience on your page with the help of SEO and design? Most of us must have closed a web page in a few seconds when we don’t get the ultimate information even if we landed up to that page on top search by Google. We need to understand that it’s easy to attract visitors by SEO but it’s hard to make them visit website repeatedly. Without implementing the full Digital Marketing Strategy, it’s difficult to yearn results out of your website.

You don’t get a next chance to make a first impression – that’s why for business to succeed in online world it’s important to have powerful digital footprints within the websites. How you define this strategy has direct impact on successful conversion.

What else is needed to be done?

So what shall be the steps for a comprehensive Digital Marketing Strategy apart from Web Design? What is the role of the website, in your digital marketing strategy? The website has to be developed keeping in mind that it will bringing more sales. It’s a kind of digital salesman for the organization who will be working 24/7. So as the salesman need to engage the prospects similarly the website should have the same motto. It should provide more relevant information to the prospects and encourage them to make the purchases, bringing more sales.

There are three central cores on which the digital marketing strategy should focus on:

Step 1: We always say, and we will say it again that Content is the King and it’s true.

The search algorithms of Google and various Search engines are getting complicated and faces updates and changes quite frequently. These engines also penalize the websites doing unnecessary keyword stuffing and other unethical practices. So for a long term sustaining its essential that we focus and emphasize on quality contents rather than focusing on the technology that drives crowds. It’s also observed the algorithm also reviews how many websites link to the contents of your website plus how many other people share your contents in social networks. This one is possible ethically only by improving the contents within the website so that more and more people read and share them time to time.

If we consider these conditions, nowadays the search engines are actually making sure that, they show up the best quality contents at the top of their list for their users. So to grab their attention, it’s mandatory to create quality contents. The best method of engaging the clients is to set up a blog of quality information. You need to integrate the blog engine in your website or at least link towards your blog hosted outside. The idea is to put information about your services, industry and various other information to educate the prospects and gain their confidence. A quality blog acts as an honest reflection about your organization and your experience in the industry.

Blogging is one of the most engaging acts to gain the trust of the prospects and portray your experience in the industry, but it’s just the stepping stone of the completion strategy. More detailed collateral like case studies, White-Papers or eBooks can also be shared. Webinars or QnA sessions and Hangouts can also be arranged. These are all some great tools to offer to your prospects as nowadays the clients do a lot of research before purchasing anything. By providing multiple useful resources we establish a relationship based on trust they get by knowing about us or our brand more.

Step 2: Distributing the Contents and Information

After creating the great intuitive contents the next step is to make sure that your prospects find them on right time. Search engines and the SEO is not the only dependable method. You also need some trusted links and shares for users to arrive on our site and search engines start rating you well ahead of others. For proper distribution first step is to create awareness and presence in various social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter Etc.). The visitors on your website should be given the option to share the contents to their networks. Give the users the option to sign up for the newsletters where you can share your popular posts, which they can help to propagate further. Design a strategy for which content is to be forwarded to which network and how to avoid your content to be marked as spam. But at the end the quality contents, makes its own path and propagates into the mind of the prospects. Hence we are mentioning once again the quality content is the first and most important step to start with.

Step 3: Final outcome, “The Sales Conversion”

Getting sales conversation is the final aim of the whole digital marketing strategy. And that’s where the static websites are quite useless nowadays as they don’t aide on the sales. The agenda of designing your website isn’t to impress the visitors, but to convert the visitors to leads, and convert the leads into customers.

You have already put up quality contents which are already engaging the visitors. These contents are already answering the basic questions and now it’s time to offer them the premium contents which will convince them to buy your services. Like at the end of the Blogs and articles we can link our services and products as the solution for the discussed topic. The visitors may be offered some premium white paper or eBooks which provides them with some solutions of basic level. This way the prospects needing in depth solutions won’t hesitate at all to contact you right away. All these links or premium offerings should be bound to a Call-to-Action link (a registration page) where you can capture the basic information for the sales team to pursue further. It’s an easy way to provide them the contents which markets your services plus you get a sales lead. These leads can be further nurtured to close sales deals.

It won’t be a right statement, to say that your existing Static Website is useless. As normally during decision making the prospect would check out your website to get more information on the whereabouts. But in this scenario the website comes after the prospect is already having some interest. The website is itself is not driving the interest building activities. So to compete in this age of digital marketing, we need a lot more than just a good looking static website.

The impact of a website for the consumers is quite undeniable considering the fact everybody researches the Internet before buying anything. Hence a Digital Marketing planning is quite crucial for getting ahead. So however beautiful your website may look and whatever keyword you stuff on the website, it’s the content which needs to engage your visitors. The contents should provide valuable information to the visitors, or they will find someone else.