Why Magento A Perfect Choice to Improve Online Sales

“Increase Sales”, I guess this is an ultimate goal of every organization. However, do you really feel it is easy to obtain significant business landmarks and get expected results? Well, Magento eCommerce website is there to improve your revenue by delivering a robust eStore.

Magento as an eCommerce Platform

Magento facilitates businesses to deal with competitive aspects of eCommerce, website UX and UI, SEO, and many more. Being an open source technology, Magento customization is quite easy by using its unique features. Optimize your business performance, productivity, sales and finally revenue through Magento eCommerce platform.

What Features of Magento Drive Good Business for You?

Get a simplified yet more efficient eStore with Magento development to achieve all business milestones. It’s a platform that caters with several eCommerce features to smoothen your online business operations.

Open Source Technology

Magento is one of the leading open source technologies. Almost 80% of organizations are using Magento based website for their online business. Moreover, developers can easily develop a next-generation eCommerce website using assorted functions of CMS, payment gateway, etc.

SEO Friendly

Optimize your eCommerce website search engine rank by utilizing in-built SEO feature offered by Magento.

3rd Party Payment Gateway Integration

Deliver a simplified shopping experience to shoppers by offering them multiple options of payment gateways. Magento provides several alternatives including eBay, PayPal, QuickBooks, etc. Shoppers can make the checkout process by selecting their convenient payment gateway.

Responsive Website Development

Get more prospects for your online business by developing Magento based responsive e-portal. It leverages business with

  • Single website compatible with different screen resolutions
  • Reached out to more customer base
  • Improved business conversion rate

Allow shoppers to purchase products and make payment from their mobile anytime, anywhere.

Multiple Storefronts

Magento eStore allows to design, develop and set up multiple storefronts to sell thousands of products and catalogs. Give a uniform experience to shoppers by offering smooth navigation throughout all products. Buyers can easily switch to any product by selecting their preferred category.


As Magento supports multiple languages, it is quite easy for businesses to attract worldwide customers. Moreover, integration of multi-currency feature also facilitates to earn bucks without considering geographical boundaries.

Seamless Checkout Process

Give a smooth and single checkout option to customers for all products they shop. This will lessen the chances of vacant shopping carts issues during the checkout process.

eCommerce Specific

Magento is the best option to develop a tailored eCommerce website for online business. Simplify eCommerce functions of your eStore with Magento theme customization as well as bespoke shopping cart development and implementation.

Organized and Spacious

As per an estimation, Magento eCommerce websites have capacity to manage up to 500,000 products and more than 80,000 orders into an hour. Businesses can manage their huge product portfolio and orders effectively without compromising speed and performance of the website.

Browser Compatibility

Magento eCommerce website is compatible across all popular browsers including Mozilla, Chrome, Opera, Safari, etc. This flexibility of accessing website from different browsers also optimizes search engine rank of website.


Open source developers utilize flexibility of Magento framework and build up websites using advanced methodologies and customizations.

Radix has a team of Magento experts to deliver a robust Magento eCommerce website that boosts your online business. Know more about our proven excellence in Magento by getting in touch with our representatives. We would like to cater your eCommerce needs with exclusive Magento offerings.