WordPress CMS Website

Customers have moved online and so have businesses. The virtual market can give you immense scope for business growth and expansion if you have the right kind of tools. And website is one such tool.

A website allows you to promote your business, your products, and services online. But what happens when your product line expands or you add a new service? Would you like to go searching for a web developer to make this change? We have the solution for you. We can develop a WordPress website for you to manage and publish content.

WordPress is an open source Content Management System (CMS) that allows you to change and modify website content at your own convenience without technical knowledge. But was WordPress always a CMS? Not at all!

In fact, WordPress was initially launched as an open source blogging tool. But with extensive contributions coming from community of developers for its plug-ins, widgets, themes, and SEO capabilities, WordPress became a full-on CMS. The best thing about WordPress is that you do not need to be a technical geek to handle it independently.

Now let’s talk about our role in WordPress development. What all do we do in WordPress development?

WordPress Website Designing
WordPress offers a number of free themes for websites. Your developers can pick up any of these free themes and develop a website. But we believe that free themes may or may not suit your business. So we design a custom theme that reflects your own personal branding. We make use of your brand colors to help you establish your identity. We develop a design that reflects your business philosophy and helps you connect with your target audience. We strictly use stock images to avoid copyright issues for you. So we develop WordPress themes that balance colors, images, concept, and content.

WordPress Plug-in Development
We can also develop custom plug-ins to meet your unique business needs. You can even hire WordPress developers from us to do minor tweaking in free plug-ins and make them work for you. Our WordPress developers can customize existing plug-ins, develop new plug-ins, and even integrate plug-ins in your existing WordPress websites.

WordPress Shopping Cart Development
WordPress is one CMS that can accommodate a shopping cart for conducting online business. We can develop shopping carts that are easy to configure or install. We can further integrate multiple payment and shipping gateways in these shopping cart systems. Furthermore, we test the shopping carts for stability and performance.

WordPress Deployment and Integration
You can hire WordPress programmers from us to test your WordPress websites for quality and deploy them. If you are looking to integrate third party tools or APIs then our developers can do that as well. So in addition to development, we can also deploy and integrate WordPress applications.

WordPress Customization
Picking up readily available stuff and putting together an application is easy in WordPress. But we go beyond that and custom develop WordPress applications. We custom develop WordPress themes, templates, plug-ins, modules, blogs, and more in WordPress. We can customize existing features so that they meet your typical business requirements.

WordPress Upgrade & Maintenance
If you already have a WordPress website with older version we can upgrade the same for you. We offer WordPress upgrade and maintenance service wherein we can migrate your data and content from older version to the latest one, without hurting its authenticity or performance. Again this is something that not everybody would be able to do. With migration we ensure that we do not make the application difficult to manage.

The world has moved on from static websites to dynamic websites now. People want the power to manage the content on websites. And WordPress certainly meets this requirement. So, move onto WordPress and take control of what you show on your website. Make changes whenever you like without the help of a web developer.

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